So, I've attempted & rehearsed  6-7 Drummers in
the last  year and nobody thus far, mentally, nor
physically, has been able to handle the gig..     
We're still looking..

However, former SH drummer "Charlie San Miguel"
is coming back into the mix for a little bit here in
the next couple of weeks for a rehearsal or 2 &
then we'll see how he feels about a few gigs.

Charlie is the drummer on most of the recordings
floating around by us and is on all of the studio
recordings..Charlie has been the best SH drummer
hands down through all of the ups & downs of this
little circus..It'll be great to play with him again.
Help! If not you, you got
any good referrals ?? Ha.
(And A Little Professional Bullshit on the Side, Ha!)
January 9th, 2007
Wow, who would've thunk?
Well, 2007 started off at 10am with the 1st rehearsal of the year,
w/Vicky Logan on the Bass & Mark McSwain on the drums.. A very
very good feelin & productive jam it was. If this a sign of the times,
things will be looking fine.
I will hint, Its definitely inevitable..
Gigs of some sort, to apprear in  the next couple of months..I just
gots to go find'em,  now that former Soul Hustler alumni "Mark
McSwain has returned to the scene as Well as Alumni "Charlie San
Miguel"..both of'm back on the Hustle.. I feel extremely lucky. We've
workin a few new tunes w/Mark as well as all the other standard
stuffage the Soul Hustlers be known fo' N' shit!.
And you can bet your bottom dollar young lady, nobody does it
Thanks guys...
More Babble on the way.
And Happy Happy New Year