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Thats Alright - The Jimmy Rogers Chicago classic
done in hot and heavy Texas shuffle
Hipshakin' Woman - Just dig it on the Dance floor!
All My Life - A Nice Otis Rush
influenced                                       style slow blues number.
I'm also playing Drums & Bass on this one.
Sugar Sweet - Get Your Groove On peoples!!
Always a crowd favorite when we likes to get a little
Loose,  If ya Know What I be sayin'.... Mercy Mercy .....
Lovin' You -  An Originally composed,
Bump & Grind soon to be classic
(if I'd only gotten this to Little Milton sooner.
My appologies for
not having any photo
credits, I pulled
these off the web so,
If you wish for the
credit, please Email
me with the info.
Heres some LIVE:
Chicken Heads - A Bobby Rush classic...Got turned on
to this one via Jimmy Johnson though.
Hipshakin' Woman - was written by Chicago, Ill blues slinger, Carl Weathersby

All My Life - has been done by a thousand people, I've been singin this one for quite sometime,
sorry, don't know the writer.

Sugar Sweet - is credited to "Mel London", Don't know anything about him at all, except for his
credits on such classics as "Cut You Loose", "Messin' w/The Kid" and about 6-7 others that escape
my mind at the moment. The riff & arrangement here though, is all mine. Hope you like it.

Lovin' You - is mine, in the feel of a ZZ Hill/Little Milton, Bump & Grind style.

Chicken Heads - written by: Mr. Showbiz himself, "Bobby Rush", I initially got my 1st influence and
taste via the "Jimmy Johnson" version... one of the countless great chicago influences to me.

Now go and do some lookin' on the artists mentioned on these pages, support their gigs, buy their
music and enjoy every minute of their spirits, perfomances and contributions to the world we live in,
they certainly make it a better place to be.
You Can Stay, But That Noise Gotta Go - was wrote by: "Johnny "Guitar" Watson, My version was
initially rooted from the Walter "Wolfman" Washington version but, I throw a little of this and that in it.
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